About Us

V was created to bring to life our desire to build digital experiences that shape the future. We aim to be our clients’ lead innovation marketing partner, to help build engaging solutions that drive engagement, profitability and yes, fame.

We foster these partnerships through creativity, ingenuity, focus and a relentless drive. In the digital space there’s no end to what’s possible when you align great minds.

  • House of V Passion


    We truly love what we do and that passion shows in every project we work on.

  • House of V Hard Work

    Hard Work

    Great work isn’t just about great ideas. It’s about putting in the hard work to make sure every detail is right.

  • House of V Evolution


    We’re always looking for new ways to push technology further – to make people say, “Wow. I didn’t know that was even possible!”

The Core Team

Our crew includes people from every corner of the digital world with specialized skill sets. We stand united with passion, shared values and a determined work ethic. We’re relentless in our pursuits, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to ensure the experiences we build serve as beacons of what lies beyond the digital horizon.

  • Vaitari Anderson

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Ben Ursu

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Justin Allen

    Chief Creative Officer

  • Billy Kelly

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Kandice Kwan

    Client Partnerships

  • Alegre Lopez

    Project Management

  • Dan Cronin

    3D Development

  • Lauren Simons

    Project Management

  • Dwayne Grech


  • Jeremy Fishman

    User Experience

  • Lucho Suarez


  • Xing Wei

    Visual Design