Estrella Jalisco

AR Product Experience

estrella jalisco augmented reality game estrella jalisco in a can and glasses

When Estrella Jalisco was ready to release its newest flavor, Mango Michelada, to the market, it wanted a campaign that would reach a broad range of American beer drinkers. For a company so deeply steeped in tradition, it was essential that its latest release catered to culture while highlighting the new flavor’s young appeal. That’s where augmented reality came in.

To create palpable excitement around the spicy Mango Michelada, we developed a gamified mobile augmented reality experience that allows users to engage with Estrella Jalisco in a more tangible way. Catering to Los Angeles’ skate culture, we encouraged users to play a game with the Mango Michelada’s physical can. While tapping the can to ollie, players racked up points to contribute to a global leaderboard, driving both social sharing and friendly competition.

The AR experience captured users’ attention as they spent over two minutes on the app per visit and inspired some pretty cool tricks − all centered around the refreshing beverage.

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